Data entry 6/22/19

Bees have started to build a comb because the original brood box is full.

Checked on the bee hive this morning. Looks like the bottom brood box is completely filled and bees have started to build a wax comb on top of the inner lid… Yikes, I guess we waited just a tad too long. Added a second brood box.

Worker bees cap the cells on the top left. On the bottom left are cells with pupae that are large enough to be capped. Each cell contains one white pupa. On the bottom right are cells that have a single larva curled up in the bottom; larvae look like little transparent worms.

We also checked for mites on the sticky bottom grid sheet. There is a lot of debris but no identifiable parasites – looking for Varroa destructor mites specifically. So far so good.

“Crud” has accumulated on the sticky paper. At first glance it looks like there are no mites. Still need to take a closer look with the lupe/magnifying glas.


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